Osstem Implant is constantly searching for competitive and innovative technologies to provide excellent customer service and new and improved educational programs through AIC Education Centers. We will actively pursue our promise of “bettering the livelihood and health of all” and become the forerunner in setting the global standard in the field of dental implantation. In collaboration with Osstem AIC, we have conducted world-class implantology courses across the world, which have aided in improving the clinical understanding of dental implantation and popularizing its treatment.

Hands-on practice, together with innovative tools for you to perform better. Founded in 2000, Advanced Dental Implant Research & Education Center has been training thousands of implantologists. With world-class clinicians & lecturers, state-of-the-art educational facilities and advanced teaching curriculum, AIC has become one of the world’s leading dental implant training institute in the world.



+ 37,000 doctors trained
+ 1,000,000 hours of training
+ 400,000 CE credits issued




Seminars and Events
Our one-day Seminars and Events will empower the doctors to provide better and more personalized services to their patients and understand even more about the implant business segment.

Basic Courses
These programs will fulfill a doctor’s desire to learn implant dentistry with practical, clinical information and techniques. Emphasis is placed on anatomic considerations, treatment planning, and prosthetic techniques.

Intermediate Courses
Courses based on lectures and hands-on participation using comprehensive models. It is intended to enhance the participants’ skills and knowledge to manage more challenging clinical cases.

Advanced Courses
Lecture-based courses that include even more opportunities for hands-on participation. It is intended to allow participants to further advance their skills and knowledge to tackle the most challenging cases.

We know that your time is not only important to your patients but vital to the success of your practice. Tell us what kind of courses you need and find a little bit more about what AIC Education can do for your professional career development.



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    Raheleh Saeidi Reply

    To whom may concern
    I am a dentist in Toronto and have some experience doing surgical and prostho part of the implant dentistry.
    Considering good feedbacks from your courses I am looking to find some information here in your website but I am not fortunate to see them.
    Can you please provide me with a phone number that I can speak to some one and ask my questions?
    Thank you

    • hiossenimplantcanada
      hiossenimplantcanada Post authorReply


      One of our sales will get in touch shortly.
      You can learn more about our courses HERE

      Thanks for you message.
      Hiossen Implant Canada INC.

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