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Learn how to allow shorter healing times in patient with reduced bone height.

Loss of maxillary molar teeth leads to rapid resorption of bone in the alveolar process below the maxillary sinus floor. The sinus floor augmentation procedure is one of the most predictable grafting procedures available for placing dental implants in the severely atrophic posterior maxilla. Sinus augmentation is classified according to residual alveolar bone height. When the residual bone height is 3~4 mm, 1-step lateral approach is recommended.

Team Work. There is no I in TEAM!

By: Karen Young  Do you ever wish that just for today someone else could take over? Take over the exams, take over the consults.  Well, that may not be possible after …

Osstem World Meeting – Moscow 2018

Osstem Implant celebrates 20th anniversary. United together, your world, our future. One of the biggest dental implant events in the world bringing the most recognized doctors. New techniques and methods, …