Increase Patient Acceptance and Excellent Outcomes.

Boost case acceptance by engaging – even more – with your patients. Using 3Shape TRIOS® 3D color lets you show patients their unique dentition and share information about the health of their teeth and gums. The TRIOS Scanners and apps provides opportunities for patient engagement Together, TRIOS scans and engagement apps add weight to your recommendations. Which, in turn, improves case acceptance. Your patients will notice the difference. And you’ll feel the engagement.



· The intraoral scanner that takes treatment to the next level
Realistic color scans. Engagement apps. In-house options. 3Shape TRIOS 4 gives you all that and more. This powerful scanner ensures the convenience of 30% longer
battery life and -best of all- a built-in aid for detecting surface caries*.

· Built-in caries detection aid
Now you don’t need a separate scanning device to benefit from fluorescent technology. Because we’ve built advanced fluorescent technology for surface caries* detection right into TRIOS 4.

· Smart tips with instant-heat technology
The new generation of TRIOS smart tips feature instant-heat technology for optimized scanning. Be scan-ready in seconds with instant-heat technology. Scan 2-3 times as many patients with instant-heat in combination with 30% more battery life. And benefit from optimal scanning due to automatic use counter and tip-change alert.

· Wired and wireless in one
No more need to choose. TRIOS 4 now comes as a flexible two-in-one solution that combines wired and wireless with a simple plug-in cord for that moment when you want to switch to wired.

*Caries Diagnostic Aid is not cleared by the FDA for clinical use in USA.


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