KIT for Safe Placement of Short Implants in the Mandible

485 KIT

• Safely place 4mm - 8.5mm implants in the mandibular arch
• The round shape of the drill prevents damages to the mandibular nerve
• Safe drilling is possible despite insufficient bone height
• Less chair time thanks to simple drilling sequence

Kit characteristics:

  • Prevents Damages to Inferior Alveolar Nerve Thanks to Its Round Shape of the Drills

    ·The tip of 485 drills are round, therefore not damaging the inferior alveolar nerve

  • Safe Drilling is Possible Despite InsufFicient Bone Height Thanks to the Stoppers

    ·Safe drilling for short implants is possible thanks to the stoppers (1mm extra room minimizes interference of surrounding bone)
    ·No damages to nerves despite insufficient bone height of less than 6mm

  • Less Chair Time Thanks to Simple Drilling Sequence

    ·2 time drilling is enough in normal bone and hard bone



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