A true commitment to improving implant quality.

Over 1000 doctors trained in 2019
By Hiossen Implant Canada Inc 

Everyone knows Osstem, known as Hiossen in America, as one of the fastest-growing implant manufacturers in the world. How come it is possible? Well, currently our products are used in over 70 countries, and we’re consistently expanded in R&D investment to deliver the most innovative and premier quality of dental implant products. However, we know that successful dental health is not just about the product, hence, in collaboration with Osstem AIC, we have conducted world-class implantology courses across the world, which have aided in improving the clinical understanding of dental implantation and popularizing its treatment.

Since Hiossen Implant Canada Inc opened in Vancouver has striving to improve implant quality by monitoring the market and gathering feedback from clinicians. The results show it. Last year, we’ve encouraged around 1.000 dental professionals to upgrade their expertise. With hands-on practice and innovative tools to perform better, dozens of CDA, dental students, new graduates, and dental surgeons took the next step in their career.

In 2019 we conducted a total of 45 courses across Canada, and the first NYU Canadian Implant Symposium 2019, where we host two full of hands-on lectures, a massive Symposium moderated by Dr. Spyridon Condos, DDS (NYU Clinical associate professor of general dentistry), first time ever Hiossen/Osstem live streaming broadcast and over 2 hours of real interaction (Q&A).

Last year, over 1000 doctors trained and 1.200 CE credits issued. Most of them were aimed at those with intermediate knowledge, these courses are based on lectures and hands-on participation using comprehensive models. It is intended to enhance the participants’ skills and knowledge to manage more challenging clinical cases. PRF, Predictable Treatment Options for Narrow Alveolar Ridge, Immediate Molar Course, Implant Aesthetic course or Indirect sinus lift evening course were the protagonist in 2019.

On the other hand, the courses that fulfill the desire to learn implant dentistry with practical, clinical information and techniques from the base shown the dentist’s interest in implantology nowadays. That’s is why in 2020 will bring 16 of these courses back. 

For those whether intended to advance their skills and knowledge to tackle the most challenging cases or wanted to empower their team, we brought advanced courses such a Management of Sinus Complications and A.D.I.A’s Implant Coordinator Certification Program for CDA. 


AIC has become one of the world’s leading dental implant training institutes in the world. We hope to keep the do even better along with your ideas and opinions because it is part of our success. That’s is why we’re constantly searching for competitive, new and improved educational programs. Look what we are bringing for the first time or visit our AIC website to look at all courses here. 


  • Hiossen Study Clubs
  • The Balance of Success and complications associated with Implant Rehabilitation
  • Full Mouth Reconstruction
  • Basic Implant Surgical Continuum 
  • Advanced Implant Surgical Continuum
  • Connective Tissue for Immediate Implants


  • Maintenance of Implants course 
  • OneMS & OneCAS
  • Crestal Approach Maxillary Sinus Bone Augmentation
  • Treatment Planning & Restorative
  • Tips and Tricks for your Everyday Implant Restorations
  • Advanced Bone Augmentation Techniques

Special thanks to all our mentors!
This could not be possible with your wisdom, commitment, and passion for dentistry.

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