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After a tooth is removed, most people start to lose their bone mass, resulting in a change in their facial structure. This can especially impact the success of a dental implant procedure. To regenerate bone in preparation for a dental implant or to help recover from an implant, bone grafting is often used. Bone grafting for tooth implants involves the grafting of bone material onto the jawbone. Once grafted, the new bone takes a few months to integrate, resulting in bone that is strong enough to secure an implant reliably. This graft can either be applied in preparation for or concurrently with an implant surgery, depending on the patient’s needs. In either case, however, bone grafts for dental implant procedures help secure dental implants for long-term success.


Bone Grafting Materials


Allograft Bone: CORTICAL + CANCELLOUS BONE – Powder / Chip



Allograft Bone: CORTICAL BONE – Powder / Chip


Allograft Bone: CANCELLOUS BONE –  Powder / Chip


Absorbable Membranes:




Allograft Cancellous
Cancellous bone is the sponge-like internal layer of bone called trabecular or spongy bone. This material is included in this allograft due to the good osteoconductive properties of this tissue and the willingness of the body to use it to replace new bone. 

Allograft Cortical
Cortical bone is a compact bone tissue used in support and mineral storage functions in the body. It’s found on the exterior of bones, so it’s often used to repair bone fractures. SureOss™ D is an example.

Each bone graft material we supply at Hiossen Implant is backed by extensive research and our own investigation, so you can rely on the efficacy of these products. By using these bone graft materials for dental implants, clinicians can help guarantee high-quality implants every time.

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