Bone graft soaked with growth factor shows promise

The evaluation of the efficacy and safety of two types of rhBMP-2 soaked bone graft material in extraction socket preservation

By: Sang-Yun Kim


 BMP is a member of the transforming growth factor family that exists naturally in various body tissues. It induces the generation of undifferentiated mesenchymal cells in the defective bone region,and is thus involved in the production of cartilage and bone precursor cells.



The goal of this study was to evaluate the effect of two types of rhBMP-2 soaked bone graft materials on the extraction socket and the safety of the material after tooth extraction and implantation.


Materials & Methods

Period : Between October 2015 and September 2016, bone graft was performed to patients who are scheduled to receive implantation after single tooth extraction.

Patients : total 32 patients, 16 of the experimental group were implanted with O-BMP, and 16 of the control group were implanted with C** BMP. After covering the resorbable collagen membrane, the upper soft tissue was sutured.

Outcome measures :

– Radiographic evaluation : Panoramic radiographs and CBCT were taken immediately after and 12 weeks after surgery to evaluate changes in width and height of the extraction socket.

– Histological evaluation : Some patients who agreed to the biopsy were evaluated for histological healing by taking tissue specimens with trephine bur at the time of implant placement (3-4 months after bone grafting).



1) Clinical results: Both the experimental group and the control group showed good healing without specific complications such as infection.

2) Radiographic results : As a result of evaluation of the width and height change of the extraction socket using CBCT, the amount of bone resorption in the experimental group and the control group was not large and the shape of the extraction socket was well maintained.

3) Histological results : showed good healing state without inflammatory reaction and new bone formation increased with time.


(a) C** BMP (b) O-BMP




Compared with C** BMP, which has been proven to be effective and safe, O-BMP used in extraction socket preservation was clinically and histologically well healed and well preserved.


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