Comparative study of Immediate Loading: Osstem and Zimmer.

Clinical Comparative Study of Immediate Loading Using Tapered Implant with Hydroxyapatite Coating (TSIII HA) at the Partial Edentulous Ridge of Posterior Maxilla and Mandible.
Ji-Young Lee, Young-Kyun Kim


The aim of this study is to compare the clinical outcome after the immediate loading of two types of implants with a hydroxyapatite coat for patients with missing molar teeth.

Materials & Methods:


  • Group I: Osstem TSIII HA (Male 12, Female: 15, Total: 27)
  • Group II: Zimmer (Male 18, Female: 5, Total: 23)
  • Group I and group II were assigned randomly and operator was informed about the study group the day of operation
  • Patients who undertook loading within 48 hours of implant installation were included in this study

Implant distribution

  • Group I: maxilla 22, mandible 32, total: 54
  • Group II: maxilla 24, mandible 22, total: 46

Average Age

  • Group I : 51.40 (11.30) years
  • Group II: 49.73 (14.23) years

Evaluation factor

  • Marginal bone loss : 1 years after loading
  • Soft tissue condition around implant
  • Primary and 2nd implant stability (Osstell Mentor device)

* An Independent T test was conducted to determine the statistical significance (SPSS program, P-value <0.05).


  1. There were no implant failures in both group and survival rate was 100% 12 months after immediate loading. The number of cases showing the bone loss more than 1 mm was 3 in group I, 5 in group II. Implant success rate of group I was 94.4%, group II 89.1%.
  2. Mean marginal bone loss was 0.06 mm in group I, 0.44 mm in group II after 1 year. Marginal bone loss of group I was significantly lower than group II (P < 0.05).

Comparative Tables

  1. There were no significant differences in peri-implant indices such calculus, pocket depth, and width of nonkeratinized mucosa of both groups except plaque index. Peri-implant tissue condition was stable in both groups.

Comparison of Peri-implant index between groups

Peri-implant table

  1. As implant primary and 2nd stability, There was no significant differences between two groups (P > 0.05). And also there was no significant differences when comparing the each arch between groups (P > 0.05).

Comparative table of ISQ between Group I and Group II


The marginal bone loss of implant after immediate loading of two types of study implants with hydroxy apatite coat in patients with missing molar teeth was insignificant. And TSIII HA implant showed more stable result on the aspect of marginal bone status around implant after immediate loading.

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