Placing dental implants in the posterior maxilla can be challenging due to the reduced bone height attributed to the presence of the sinus. The Crestal Approach Sinus Kit, or CAS kit, makes placing these implants significantly easier with a set of tools designed for the simple, safe performance of crestal approach sinus augmentation.


The CAS kit makes placing dental implants in the posterior maxilla easier. The kit includes a set of drills and tools designed for easier, safer augmentation of the sinus at this angle.

Kit characteristics:

  • Inverse Conical Drill Tip: This drill tip is designed to safely form a conical bone lid at the sinus floor, elevating the sinus membrane. It features four blades that shift bone particles toward the drill tip for safe sinus elevation.
  • Stopper System: The CAS dental drill system comes with a stopper system that allows for precise osteotomy depth control, preventing over drilling with stoppers of 11 different lengths. These stoppers can help prevent any damage to the soft tissue.
  • Hydraulic Lift System: Drilling prepares the sinus membrane for the hydraulic lift system, which applies hydraulic pressure to the cavity and separates the membrane from the sinus floor.

1- Effective: The easy to use kit is designed to minimize the number of steps involved in a sinus lift technique, reducing overall chair time and reducing complications and patient discomfort.

2- Versatile: The drill’s versatile design allows it to be used on sinus floors that are flat, inclined or over a septum.

3- Adaptable: CAS-drills can be drilled from 400 to 800 RPM, allowing it to adapt to several different bone densities.


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