Dental Implant Motors- The Engine that will Drive Your Implant Practice

Dental motors are essential to dental implant surgery, powering the drills that cut into bone. Hiossen® Implant offers excellent motor solutions with the  SM3 and SM5 implant surgery engines.

SM5 by Kavo

The Best Choice for Optimal Care

The SM5 is an implant motor made for the modern world, featuring a slick, user-friendly design that helps streamline the implant surgery process, allowing for greater visibility and precision. The SM5 achieves this with the following essential features:

Small Motor
The SM5 motor is smaller and lighter than other models, minimizing wrist fatigue during surgery. This excellent handling is emphasized by a flexible irrigation line.

Intelligent Motor Control
The SM5 motor provides consistent torque no matter the RPM, ensuring greater safety and consistency during implant insertion.

Maximum Visibility
The SM5 features a 4.3” color screen display, which shows more information than the average motor system. The screen even shows visual cues for the surgical procedure, helping newer clinicians get acclimated and assisting more experienced dentists with keeping track of their tasks as they move through a surgical procedure

The result of these features is an incredible motor system that optimizes the surgical procedure for the dental surgeon, while also improving safety for patients.

SM3 by NSK

Strong Power! Amazing Value!

The SM3 by NSK is a small, space saving but very powerful implant engine. 

Powerful Torque (Max 80Ncm)
Provides powerful torque up to maximum 80Ncm, perfect for any surgical environment.

Stable Deceleration Ration of 20:1
Stable deceleration ratio of 20:1 provides every surgical case with reliabilty.

The LED Light is similary to natural, making it less strenuous on the clinician's eyes.

Large LCD Display & Various Information Indicator
Easy to see and use LCD screen increases chairside efficiency during implant treatment.

Advanced Torque Calibration System
Calibration function provides low deviation torque value and makes for safe operation.


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