Denture 4U Kit – Fixed Denture Solution: Recover Biting Strength and Chewing Force with only 4 Fixtures


The Denture 4U Kit  helps you position implants in planned angles (straight, 17 degrees or 30 degrees ) for your Locator OverDenture or fixed, full-mouth rehabilitation cases. 

Denture 4U Kit includes guides and drills that helps positioning of the drill of up to Ø2.0 for the anterior region and up to Ø3.0 for the posterior region for your Locator OverDentures or fixed, full-mouth rehabilitation cases.

Kit characteristics:

Denture 4U Kit is intended to help accurately place straight or angled (17 degrees or 30 degrees ) 4 or 6 fixture per jaw (based on an edentulous jaw).

  • Crest remover: Bone flattening. Angled type 1.200-1.500rpm and straight type 15.000-30,000rpm 
  • Denture 4U guide: Surgeon decides whether to begin surgery in the posterior or anterior region. Guides to ensure that you maintain the Straight, 17 degrees or 30 degrees angulation of your implants
  • Drills: Additional drilling depending on fixture diameter (Taper drill)
  • Countersink: 30º Upper marking Line and 17º Lower marking Line. This ensures that your MUA’s seat completely into the angled implants without any interference of crestal bone.


1- Reduces overall treatment time 
2- Immediate prosthesis loading on 4 fixtures is possible 
3- Lower cost

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    from where can i get more details about denture 4 u kit especially about the angulation guide and how to use it at various angulations.any pdf video would be helpful.

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