Collagen-based Bone Augmentation Material

Foundation is a collagen-based, bone filling augmentation material for use after teeth extractions. It is not a bone substitute, but rather stimulates new bone growth. It has been used clinically in Japan since 1998 and has been available in North America since 2006.

Immediately following an extraction, Foundation is placed into the socket. It is shaped in “bullet” form for easy placement and is available in both small and medium sizes. Once inserted, the surrounding cells and capillaries infiltrate Foundation. As the extraction socket heals, it is filled with new augmented bone. There is no need to remove it and no membrane is required.

Tooth Extraction

Tooth Extraction 

bone exposed

Socket is curetted and bone is exposed

bone is exposed

Insertion of Foundation

socket is filled

The socket is filled with Foundation and it also covers the gingival surface

Socket filled with foundation  

Surrounding cells and capillaries infiltrate into Foundation. Peripheral gingiva Extends onto it

extraction socket closes

The extraction socket closes and socket is filled with augmented bone

• Collagen-based, bone filling augmentation material
• Promotes bone growth after tooth extraction allowing implants to be placed as
early as 8 weeks*
• Helpful in maintaining bone following permanent tooth extraction
• Bullet shaped for easy placement in extraction sockets
• Available in 2 sizes, small and medium
• Can be trimmed or shaped for a better fit

*Research conducted by University of Rochester, Eastman Institute for Oral health

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