The IM-Cure Kit has been designed to manage peri-implant disease by removing the causes of inflammation, including plaque, tartar, and foreign bodies from the surface of an implant.


IM-Cure KIT is an essential maintenance kit that can be easily used as one tool for diagnosis and treatment of peri-implantitis.

Kit components:

The IM- Cure Kit comes complete with a set of tools to manage Peri-implantitis and Peri-Implant Mucositis. 

  • Probe (Metal/Plastic):  Tool for probing gingiva and surroundings in order to diagnose periodontal diseases
  • Curette: Used for removing subgingival sediment that is stuck to granulation tissue. Also, used for removing plaque + subgingival sediment and for performing root planing
  • Fine-Polishing: SmartScaler-Metal and SmartScaler-Plastic.
  • Macro-Polishing: Used for cleaning off Peri-implantitis, and cases of dehiscence and horizontal bone loss (SmartBrush1, SmartBrush2)
  • Protect Screw: Prevents foreign substances from getting inside the fixture when using SmartBrush2

1- Eliminates Periodontitis with Multi-polishing Method. 

2- Various brush types available for different cases. 

3- Outstanding polishing ability by its design that fits the size of fixture threads

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