Provide Complete Tooth Replacement to Your Patients. Our leading ET System for dental implants has become one of the best dental implant systems in the industry because of our commitment to extensive research and the creation of a high-quality, safe and innovative implant. Implants from our ET System have received recognition from the CR Foundation as well as Dentistry Today.


Our ET System features a Sand-blasted and Acid-etched (SA) surface for optimal morphology. It also provides a 20 percent faster response in cells and bone healing than Resorbable Blast Media (RBM). 

Providing your patients with complete tooth replacement is simple with our ET System. Its design eliminates unnecessary steps, so surgery is shorter and easier, and the build of our titanium dental implant systems makes mastery simple. Our ET System’s single tooth dental implants include:


ETIII NH Implant

Our ETIII NH Implant from our ET System builds on the line’s Sand-blasted and Acid-etched (SA) surface combined with a unique bio-resorbable apatite Nano Coating that helps ensure optimal treatment outcomes with every implant you place. Produced by our in-house research and development team, this implant continues our goal of providing safe, effective and high-quality implants to dentists across the globe. Our ETIII NH Implant offers a high success rate for patients with poor or high-quality bone, as well as shorter surgery times because of its innovative design, which removes unnecessary implantation steps.

Because the ETIII NH Implant improves osseointegration, it also boosts healing times. This increase builds on the ability of our SA implants in the ET System, which provides a 20% faster bone healing time than implants with a Resorbable Blast Media (RBM) surface. State-of-the-art construction for immediate posterior placement following extraction or failed implant. 

Since this super hydrophilic implant is a dry implant, it’s also storable outside of an aqueous solution, which makes stock management easier.

Benefits compared to an SA implant — and hydrophilic traits include: 
- 39% improvement in bone-to-implant contact (BIC).
- 12% increase in platelet adhesion
- more than 30% improvement on osteointegration
- 12% increase in cell differentiation.

With our ETIII NH Implant, you and your patients are given several advantages due to its unique nanolayer of bio-resorbable apatite coating, which has super hydrophilic properties.
- Corkscrew thread for powerful self-threading and easy path changes.
- Innovative design for improved secondary attachment force.
- Helix cutting edge for enhanced stability.
- State-of-the-art construction for immediate posterior placement following extraction or failed implant.


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ETIII SA Implant

Our ETIII SA Implant — winner of Dentistry Today’s Readers’ Choice and Top 100 Products Award — features the ET System’s signature Sand-blasted and Acid-etched (SA) surface, plus a bio-compatible titanium build. Designed by our research and development team, this implant meets our unparalleled standards for safety, quality, and effectiveness.

The open thread design of our ETIII SA Implant ensures your patient’s safety by preventing bone necrosis. Research also demonstrates that our SA implants offer a competitive advantage over Resorbable Blast Media (RBM) implants by improving cell response and bone healing times by 20%.

With its optimal body design, placement of this implant is simple to learn and master. It also provides your patients with shorter surgery and recovery times, as well as a safe and effective outcome.

With our ETIII SA Implant, which includes an 11-degree Morse taper connection, you and your patients receive many benefits due to the submerged fixture’s design features, which stem from extensive research and testing.

- Small thread for increased self-threading power, path-correction and initial stability in soft bone.
- Straight body for raised implantation performance.
- SA surface for 45% increase in morphology and surface roughness.
- Hermetic seal for reduced percolation of saliva and bacteria.


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ET IV Implant

Newly Launched Implant Especially Designed for Sinus Lift, Soft Bone and Immediate Cases

ET IV Implant acquires strong initial stability in soft bone by applying 6° angled taper body design, which increases success rates of implant surgery in soft bone conditions.



ET IV is specialized for sinus and soft bone.

  • Acquires strong initial stability in soft bone by applying 6° angled taper body design.
  • Ø2.0, Ø3.0 drilling enables placement in D4 bone due to sharp apex design
  • Acquires strong self threading effect by applying corkscrew thread design with sharp angled thread
  • 3 helix cutting edges applied to increase penetrating function and path modification


Added benefit – Use the same surgical kit and prosthetic parts as the ET III Implant!



Design Features

  • Taper body
    • Excellent initial stability
    • Optimized design for sinus (sharp & rounded apex)
  • Open thread
    • Prevents bone necrosis from excessive placement torque value
  • Corkscrew thread
    • Strong self-tapping effect & excellent stability
  • Helix cutting edge
    • Excellent self-tapping function at initial approaching


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