This dental implant surface treatment encourages bone regrowth and healing. The SS Implant system from Hiossen Implant is based on the SSII SA and SSIII SA Implant fixtures. Both are used in a variety of dental implant applications, favored for their surface qualities and surface treatments.

The differences between the SS fixture variants lie in the design. The SSII SA features a straight body, allowing for the adjustment of implantation depth. The SSIII SA, on the other hand, features a tapered body for high initial stability, especially in soft bone. Both have a dental implant thread pitch that promotes self-threading for easier installation.


Our SS System’s dental implants are non-submerged with an internal octa eight-degree taper connection. These dental implant products are designed for one-time procedures and are available in regular and wide connections, as well as several types.

Both SSII and SSIII are non-submerged- type implants designed for one-stage surgery procedures. Both prominently feature self-threading designs and an SA surface. The SA surface morphology means that the dental implant has been sandblasted with alumina and acid etched, increasing the dental implants surface roughness by 45 percent compared to an RBM treatment. This dental implant surface treatment encourages bone regrowth and healing.

SS System fixtures are designed for stability even in soft bone environments. It serves as a dental implant without a bone graft necessary, using existing bone regardless of how soft. The SS System fixtures have surfaces that promote osseointegration and new bone growth, improving implant success rates.

Each implant system is backed by Hiossen Implant’ expertise in implant production as well as our dedication to dental health. With several years and countless resources dedicated to the research and development of our implant systems, we can guarantee quality with every single drill and component. With our tools, you can give your patients the “third set of teeth” they have been dreaming of.

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