Implant Systems in Dentistry.

Unlike conventional bridges or dentures, dental implants treatment is a method of restoring damaged teeth by implanting an artificial tooth on a artificial root. Implants have a function and an appearance that are almost as good as those of natural teeth, and can be used semi-permanently.

Dental implant technology is a growing area of interest. It’s estimated the need for dental implants will grow by 500,000 each year, which is why our experienced research and development team continues to produce safe, state-of-the-art dental implant technology.


Our dental implant products use bio-compatible titanium and abutments from ceramic and titanium materials. We offer several implant systems for dentistry, including:


Our ET System features a Sand-blasted and Acid-etched (SA) surface for optimal morphology. It also provides a 20 percent faster response in cells and bone healing than Resorbable Blast Media (RBM). 

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Our MS System’s dental implant technology provides a solution for implant challenges, such as narrow spaces and small bone widths, as well as immediate mounting of temporary prostheses. 

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Our SS System’s dental implants are non-submerged with an internal octa eight-degree taper connection. These dental implant products are designed for one-time procedures and are available in regular and wide connections, as well as several types.

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At Hiossen, we develop and manufacture high-quality implants under the strictest quality control practices to ensure you and your patients receive a dental implant that exemplifies our high standards for safety, effectiveness and quality.




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