The new Scan Healing Abutment and trusted Trios
Scanner are sure to improve implant chairside efficiency.

Simply use the scan healing abutment with the TRIOS scanner to get immediate precise digital impressions and send to your lab at the click of your finger.

Say good bye to implant impression copings, healing abutments and traditional scan bodies.

Say hello to the Scan Healing Abutment. – Scan body and healing abutment in one!


  • Trios Scanners improve patient experience                                   
  • Accurate digital impressions
  • No more repeating of inaccurate rubber impressions
  • Improved clinical efficiency and increased patient flow
  • Labs get your impressions faster and save on shipping fees
  • Reduction of soft tissue trauma surrounding implants and
  • damaging micromovements of the implant fixture
  • No more impression copings and the reduction of radiographs


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