Handpieces by Morita©.

Perfection right down to the smallest detail – this is what distinguishes the handpieces and dental instruments made by Morita. To persuade our Philosophy that through talents and technological skills, we aim to strive and optimize the customer value and contribute to enhancing everyone’s health, it is a pleasure to announce that Hiossen had included Morita© handpieces in our portfolio.  The result: small, light, high-performance, ergonomic products which make even complex dental procedures easier to manage. 

Morita’s research and development team works in collaboration with leading experts from all the specialties of dentistry. We offer several of their products, including:


J Morita High Speed Handpieces

Unique design. TwinPower forms is a perfect balance of efficiency and operator comfort. Light, compact, convenient, and highly functional – in a word: perfection.








J Morita Low Speed Handpieces

Refined Technology TorqTech attachments are compatible with both air and electric motors. Ergonomically designed, they are compact and perfectly balanced with a smooth surface finish. At Hiossen, we provide high-quality products under the strictest quality control practices to ensure you and your patients receive a dental implant that exemplifies our high standards for safety, effectiveness and quality.


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