Master the art and science of dental implantology.

AIC Implant Master Program.
Learn through experience and become a true implant expert.

The AIC Implant Master Program comprises of three separate modules, which cover the basics of Implantology, prosthetic considerations as well as advanced surgical techniques. This course, available in Toronto and Vancouver, enables you to stand out in the crowd, work along side your colleagues and mentors, and make Implantology a mainstay of your practice.

Over 170 hours of lecture, hands-on exercises and live surgery.

In today’s day and age, oral Implantology has become a highly sought-after modality. For this reason, it is imperative that most Dentists include it among services offered for their patients. Basic Masters Module has been designed to facilitate both new and experienced implanters. With the Prosthetic Master Module, we aim to teach our doctors the fundamentals of implant success through ideal prosthesis design. And, with the Surgical Master Module, we can assure our clinicians the tools they need to become oral Implantologist experts.  It’s all about learning and practice with AIC Education.

Some of the topics you will learn, and so much more:
• Anatomical considerations and implant selection;
• Patient selection and patient education;
• Radiographic analysis and CBCT manipulation; 
• Prosthesis driven implant dentistry; 
• Prosthetic design and occlusion; 
• Types of prostheses;
• Surgical anatomy of the maxillary sinus; 
• Advanced level CBCT tracing and uses; 
• Types of sinus augmentations; 
• Ridge and sinus augmentation (GBR); 
• Treatment planning for success and minimizing complications, and much more.

Read more about this course and master the art and science of dental implantology. Carefully and expertly designed, from base theories to supervised surgeries, ours mentors guide through it all. Register now.


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