The Future of Bone Surgery

The patented ultrasonic microvibrations of the original PIEZOSURGERY® cuts bone – and nothing else. No soft tissue is damaged, which allows you to work with a precision that facilitates not only surgery itself, but reduces postoperative discomfort for your patients at the same time Choose PIEZOSURGERY® technology for maximum precision and control – and minimal stress for you and your patients. Your perfect solution.



When it comes to sensitive patients and subgingival scaling, one thing is of maximum importance: minimize discomfort. At the same time, you need powerful treatment options for optimal results. That is why, The innovative Multipiezo SOFT MODE reduces the amplitude of ultrasound oscillations in order to produce a gentle and efficient insert movement and allows, for the first time, relatively painless but 100% effective treatments – for 100% comfortable results.

Micrometric cuts: PIEZOSURGERY® provides micrometric cuts for minimally invasive surgeries with maximum surgical precision and intra-operative tactile sensation.

Selective cuts: Selective cuts protects any kind of soft tissue. Nerves, vessels and membranes will not be injured while cutting bone. Thus, PIEZOSURGERY® offers maximum safety for surgeons and patients.

Cavitation effect: PIEZOSURGERY® offers maximum intra-operative visibility. The cavitation effect of the ultrasonic movements lead to a blood-free surgical site.

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