Maximized Treatment. Minimized Discomfort.

The ergonomic touch panel of the new Multipiezo lets the user control all functions fast and intuitive. Due to its smooth touch surface, it can be cleaned and disinfected easily.



When it comes to sensitive patients and subgingival scaling, one thing is of maximum importance: minimize discomfort. At the same time, you need powerful treatment options for optimal results. That is why, The innovative Multipiezo SOFT MODE reduces the amplitude of ultrasound oscillations in order to produce a gentle and efficient insert movement and allows, for the first time, relatively painless but 100% effective treatments – for 100% comfortable results.

Pulse Mode: The PULSE MODE transforms the ultrasound oscillation to a new profile – which results in optimized performance for prosthetics.

Ergonomic Touch Panel: Due to the ergonomic touch panel, you control every function as fast and intuitive as never before and at the same time clean and disinfect the device quickly and easily

Irrigation System: The irrigation system with its illuminated 500 ml bottle prevents any dripping and leaking. 

LED Handpiece: The 360° rotatable LED cone of the handpiece lets you set the light focus on the insert tip in any direction – regardless of the insert shape.

Set new clinical standards with control and patient pain management with Multipiezo, leave us your contact information and we’ll get back to you.