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In case you missed it: NYU Implant Canadian Symposium 2019 Highlights
by: Hiossen Implant Canada Inc.


Together with NYU, one of the most prominent and respected research universities in the world and offering education and training to over 1,800 dental students annually from all over the United States and 50+ countries, Hiossen Implant Canada brought the first NYU Canadian Implant Symposium 2019 to Toronto.

One week after the event, we can’t believe how awesome the symposium was. We jumped into the future and we did it by hearing from a diverse range of incredible doctors who were using their wisdom and insight to light the dentistry way forward. They tackled dentistry problems and found the right balance to encourage doctors to jump into the future with current concepts in implant dentistry.

Two full of hands-on lectures, a massive Symposium moderated by Dr. Spyridon Condos, DDS (NYU Clinical associate professor of general dentistry), first time ever Hiossen/Osstem live streaming broadcast, over 2 hours of real interaction (Q&A), and much more made an unforgettable weekend for all of us. Any attempt to summarize it all will be woefully incomplete, but here’s a try!



Day 1: Lectures + Hands-on

Over 40 Doctors joined the first day, Nov 29th, of the NYU Canadian Implant Symposium 2019. Together with Dr. Chong, Dr. Yohan Kim, and Dr. Richard Yoo, they jumped into the future with a half-day lecture and hands-on about guided implant placement. Our mentors, NYU and AIC faculty members, acknowledged problems, cases, solutions and shared and explained some of their work using guided techniques.

“I get the feeling of guided placement gives me more confidence” Dr. Albine Miciano Wiersema


Day 2: Symposium

On the next day, Nov 30th, the experience began at 9am in a sold out venue with over 80 doctors.
Four incredible lectures, a memorable moderator, five great mentors, and an event live streamed all around the world.

The day started with our CEO, Henry Shin, saying thank you to all of the attendees, sponsors and, specially, to NYU, that made this event possible for the first time in Canada. It was an honor to us all having them together with us and bringing so much knowledge and market trends in implant dentistry. A true collaboration between two big brands that  that will gather nothing but awesome results in the near future.


From left to right:

Dr. Omid Kiarash, Periodontist (Advanced Immediate Molar Placement), Dr. Zachary Papadakis, Prosthodontist (Advanced Immediate Anterior Placement), Dr. Spyridon Condos, DDS
(NYU Moderator), Dr. David Chong, DDS (Guided Indirect Approach Sinus Lift & Guided Narrow Ridge Implant Placement), Dr. H. Richard Yoo, DDS and Dr. Yohan Kim, DMD (Digital Dentistry vs Analog Dentistry).

Hiossen in 2020. A new era for our product portfolio.

And, finally, the cherry of the cake was just around the corner. Hiossen stepped into the future and announced 4 major products that will hit the Canadian market in 2020. For all those doctors that jumped into the future last Nov 29th and 30th in Toronto and you that are reading these highlights, here’s what we’re bringing to you. A fully integrated and digital environment, from start to finish. And, as we stand for, get ready for all the solutions you need in just one place. Thank you for being part of the future with us.



If you want to be first to know when these new products, leave your information here:




Thank you, doctors, for being there and make this experience unforgettable.
See you next year!

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