Osstem Implants against COVID-19.

OSSTEM IMPLANT donates 10,000 Vussen toothpaste according to research results.

Osstem is striving to improve the enhancement of everyone’s health in many ways. That’s why one of the business philosophy that  Osstem embrace is monitoring the market and gathering feedback from clinicians. All the ideas and opinions are analyzed with rigorous scientific tests and incorporated into our research and development process.

As the pandemic continues and according to the study “Analysis of Antiseptic Components that Can Inhibit Corona Virus Activity”, published in the January issue of the J. of Hospital Infection.  Where shown that Povidone-iodine, hydrogen peroxide, and chlorhexidine have a positive effect on Covid-19 inhibition. Osstem has announced a donated of 10,000 Vussen whitening toothpaste to the Daegu branch of the Korean Red Cross to help prevent and overcome Covid-19.

Osstem Oral Care Co., Ltd. is delivering 10,000 (equivalent to 110 million profit) Vussen toothpaste to the Daegu branch of the Korean Red Cross.

Why Osstem donated Vussen toothpaste?

Well, Vussen toothpaste is a whitening toothpaste and consists of Vussen 7, 15, and 28 (hydrogen peroxide concentrations of 0.7%, 1.5%, and 2.8%, respectively) According to the results of the study mentioned above, 0.5% of hydrogen peroxide and povidone-iodine were analyzed to block the activity of the Covid-19. within 15 seconds to 1 minute, and chlorhexidine, which has a strong effect on oral bacteria, was about 10 minutes to prevent the activity of the Covid-19.

A person in charge of Osstem said, “We expect that 0.7%, 1.5%, and 2.8% of hydrogen peroxide that is contained in the toothpaste helps prevent oral infections.” 

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