OSSTEM IMPLANT has contributed immensely in improving clinical understanding of dental implantation and popularizing its treatment. And, our premier product line and unparalleled customer service have been acknowledged and appreciated by the dental communities and clients across the world.

OSSTEM IMPLANT’s core business is manufacturing and supplying of dental implants. Starting from the establishment of implant business, OSSTEM IMPLANT has experienced continual high rate of growth.

Even in times of global recession and stiff competition among the manufacturers due to the stagnancy in dental market, OSSTEM IMPLANT continued its rapid growth by focusing on customer satisfaction and sales and marketing revitalization. As a result, OSSTEM IMPLANT is placed No. 1 in Asia-Pacific and No. 5 globally in dental implant market and continues to be the fastest growing company among the “Big-5” global dental implant manufacturers.

Foremost reason for OSSTEM IMPLANT’s success as a world class implant company in such a short period of time is due to having the highest quality implant in the world. OSSTEM IMPLANT has consistently expanded in R&D investment and continually pushed for innovation. As a result, OSSTEM IMPLANT has obtained top class technology and unparalleled quality on its products.

OSSTEM IMPLANT has solutions to all types of clinical cases with TS, SS, US, and MS implant systems and developed SA surface to increase osseointergration efficiency, CA surface to improve wettability and blood congeniality, HA surface to support in weaker bone, and BA surface to further improve in osseointergration. Furthermore, OSSTEM IMPLANT has developed and launched number of innovative products, such as CAS/LAS Kit, ESSET Kit, and 123 Kit to enhance the safeness and user friendliness when performing surgeries, which led to much praise from dental communities worldwide.

In addition, for cases with lack of bone and severe bone loss, OSSTEM IMPLANT has developed two types of highly effective bone regeneration materials, A-Oss (xenograft), Q-Oss and Q-Oss+ (alloplast) and assembled SmartBuilder and GBR Kit to simplify the surgeries. Furthermore, OSSTEM IMPLANT has launched its new and advanced unit & chair along with high quality panoramic x-rays, impression materials, dental whitening, and other dental materials and equipment to improve customers’ convenience and satisfaction.

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