No failures, no waiting, no numbness, no pain.

Thanks to its pen-grip, electronic injection, and to the efficiency of DHT Needles, Quicksleeper5 performs all anesthesia techniques with much higher precision and comfort. Replace all your syringes with a highly efficient system. Dental Hi-Tec has over 20 years of experience working with intraosseous anesthesias, synonymous with know-how and reliability. QuickSleeper is the result of continuous relationship with dentists and universities all over the world to provide an effective solution for dental anesthesia.

QuickSleeper 5


  • By placing the anesthetic product in the centre of the cancellous bone, the effectiveness is far superior to any other anesthesia technique.
  • The quantity injected determines the number of teeth anesthetized, the duration and the power of the anesthesia (Just one injection anesthetizes up to 6 teeth).
  • Work stress-free, without muscular effort, without twisting needles or injection leaks. 
  • More comfort for your patients and for you. Adapted to children.
  • No additional lingual or palatal injections, even for an extraction.
  • Extremely simple, painless and the benefits can be observed immediately.
  • Maximum efficiency on mandibular molars.
  • No post-operative side effects (PDL pain, necrosis,).

Innovative technology:

  • An electronically controlled injection for maximum comfort. 
  • 3 injection modes (Slow, Fast, Intraosseous) to perform all types of anesthesia in the best conditions.
  • The rotation of the needle enables easy penetration of the cortical plate to simply and quickly access osteocentral anesthesia and all of its advantages.
  • The handpiece is manipulated like a pen to perfectly master needle movement.
  • The controls are operated through a wireless, battery-free foot pedal for maximum precision and control.
  • DHT Needles with their specific patented bevel ensure painless anesthesia of the attached gum and easy cortical perforation.


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  1. KEUNHA LEE Reply

    Dear Hiossen, Quicksleeper 5 management team,

    Hi, My name is Keunha Lee and I am a dentist in both South Korea and Canada.

    I have been using Quicksleeper 5 in Korea and now currently practicing dentistry here in Yukon, Canada.

    I want to receive price of Quicksleeper machine, needle, and maintenance as well.

    If there is any information for me, please send it to my e-mail :

    Thank you so much in advance for your support.



    • Hiossen Implant Canada Post authorReply

      Thank you Dr. Lee for your message.
      A sales representative will reach out to you shortly.

      Thank you.
      Hiossen Implant Canada

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