Retrospective Study: Peri-Implant Tissue in Nonsubmerged Dental Implants.

Evaluation of Peri-Implant Tissue in Nonsubmerged Dental Implants: A Multicenter Retrospective Study
By: Young-Kyun Kim, Su-Gwan Kim, Hee-Kyun Oh, Yong-Geun Choi, Yong-Seok Cho, Young-Hak Oh, Jun-Sik Son


The objective of this study was to evaluate the peri-implant’s hard and soft tissue response associated with the 1-stage, nonsubmerged, endosseous dental implant.

Materials & Methods:

A multicenter retrospective clinical evaluation was performed on 339 non-submerged implants placed in 108 patients at 5 clinical centers between January 2003 and December 2007.

Periimplant Tissue in dental Implants

Fig. 1 Periapical radiograph taken immediately after implant placement. In the #36 area, an implant, 4.8 mm in diameter and 10 mm in length, was placed. The crestal bone level in the vicinity of implant was considered as the baseline.

Fig. 2 Periapical radiograph taken 1 year after implant placement. Based on the baseline, the crestal bone level on the radiograph taken immediately after surgery, from mesial side (a) and distal side (b), the vertical length to the first implant-bone contact area was measured and added by referring to the magnification rate and 0.8 mm pitch, and the average was obtained. In this case, a=0.8 mm and b=1.2 mm, and after 1 year; the mean amount of crestal bone resorption was 1.2 mm.



After a mean follow-up period of 30 months, the mean crestal bone resorption in 339 implants was 0.43 mm. The survival and success rates were observed to be 99.1% and 95.1%, respectively. The mean calculus, inflammatory, and plaque indices were 0.13, 0.37, and 0.73, respectively, and the mean width of buccal keratinized mucosa was observed to be 2.43 mm.


The short-to intermediate-term evaluation of the 1-stage, nonsubmerged, endosseous implant yields relatively high survival and success rates.

Crestal bone resorption Table

Implant failure and survival by year

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