Root ZX II- Apex Locator – World’s Best Selling Unit

Built on the industry standard Root ZX technology, Root ZX will measure in both wet or dry canal conditions with class-leading accuracy of 97.5%*


Features at a Glance
- Large Colour LCD
- File Position/ Canal Length Indicator Bar
- Adjustable Pre-position Bar/ Apical Line
- Green indicators when the file is approaching the apical constriction
  • Accurate Measurement The ratio technique used in the instrument provides highly accurate detection of the file’s location. The accuracy of the measurement is not affected by the presence or absence of blood, other discharges, electrolytes, saline, tap water or hydrogen peroxide.
  • No Zero Adjustment It is not necessary to set the device on zero before measuring each individual canal.
  • Automation Calibration Automatic calibration ensures accuracy and eliminates the effect of changes in temperature, moisture, etc. inside the canal, even during treatment
  • Large Colour Liquid Crystal Display ( LCD) The large LCD screen is easy to read and provides a clear progressive display with high contrast.

*Independent study

OTR Technology – Optimum Torque Reverse – Safer Way to Clean and Enlarge Canals

The Root ZX II Low Speed Handpiece with OTR technology prepares root canals while displaying precise and accurate measurements. During file rotation, the torque is automatically measured. If the torque is less than the set value, the file rotation continues, but if the torque has reached the set value, the file reverses rotation by 90˚ and then continues in the cutting direction once again. OTR reduces file fatigue, as well as the possibility of file breakage.

Lightweight Handpiece 

Ergonomically designed to minimize fatigue and fingertip stress which is ideal for endodontic access. Three speeds are offered – 100, 300 and 500 rpm along with 3 programmable memory modes. The module also offers operation in Normal Mode without Optimum Reverse function. In Normal Mode, 8 speed settings from 150 rpm to 800 rpm and 11 torque settings are available. This mode is useful for opening the upper part of the canal.

- Safely & efficiently clean & enlarge canals with OTR technology 
- Standard Ni-Ti file can be used – no need for special files 
- New contra head has internal file electrode 
- OTR Module can be connected to any Root ZX II


6 Automatic Safety Features OTR Technology

When the torque is reached, the file auto reverses 90˚ then continues again in the cutting direction. OTR reduces file fatigue, as well as the possibility of file breakage.

  • Auto Motor Start/Stop: No foot switch required. Motor starts when file is inserted into the canal and stops when it is withdrawn.
  • Auto Torque Reverse: Reduced file breakage. File stops and reverses if the torque goes over the set torque limit. There are 11 torque settings.
  • Auto Torque Slow Down: Reduced file breakage, File slows down as the torque approaches the set torque limit.
  • Auto Apical Reverse: File stops and reverses when it reaches the end of the set working length.
  • Auto Apical Slow Down: File slows down as it approaches the end of the set working length, ensuring safe and accurate preparations.

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