September was the month to become an implant expert!

Last September, AIC Education and Hiossen Implant Canada had the pleasure to welcome Doctors from all around Canada, on their path in the world of dental implantology. It was a month full of improvement, dental implantation understanding, and treatments. Let’s go through this amazing experience where our doctors went from base theories to supervised surgeries.

A special acknowledgment to our first module mentors!

Dr. John Tsourounakis     Dr. Brian Ho    Dr. Yohan KIm      Dr. Azeem Sheikh  Dr. Ammar Taimish


  • Hiossen Implant Basic Program 2019 – Hamilton
    "Always love attending Dr. Ammar course"
    Dr. Paramjit Kaur
  • Hiossen Implant Master Program Fall 2019 – Burnaby
    "Great work"
    Dr. Chandanpreet Jaspal
  • Hiossen Implant Master Program Fall 2019 – Calgary
    "Dr. Yohan Kim takes time to clarify all your queries with the most patient and interest. A very comprehensive course that cover everything about implants in details"
    Dr. Pratibha Bindlish
  • Hiossen Implant Master Program 2019 – Winnipeg
    "Excellent instructor. Topic, knowledge, expertise, second to none "
    Dr. Michal Lukowski
    "I've done a few courses with other companies and this is way better..."
    Dr. Eric Zelcer


Hands-on practice. Innovative approach.
Everything you need to perform better.



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