Sinus Lift Surgery – Innovative kits to elevate your practice – eBook

Our Sinus Lift Surgery eBook have clinical cases that highlight innovative kits that help dentists achieve superior clinical outcomes.

By:  Hiossen Implant Canada

Dentists who perform implant surgery are often faced with challenges with patients who lack adequate bone for fixture placement.  Clinicians are faced with several options, refer the patient to a trusted colleague for bone augmentation and sinus lift, place a fixed bridge or removal appliance or perform the sinus lift themselves.  Our Sinus Lift Surgery eBook highlights various cases of surgery using innovative kits which are globally trusted and proven to produce positive results in a safe and timely manner. Download our eBook so you can get a better understanding how technology has evolved with modern kits used to perform sinus surgery.

Cases include:

-Volumetric changes in sinuses augmented with a crestal approach

-Simultaneous implant placement with bilateral sinus floor augmentation in atrophic ridge of maxilla

-Different patterns of bone formation between saline and venous blood filling after hydraulic lifting of sinus membrane

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