Super Convenient Procedure in 2 Steps

Complete implant placement in 2 easy steps with the 122 Taper Kit. Hiossen’s innovative 122 Taper Kit is sure to save you valuable chairside time while decreasing treatment complications. Treat more patients in less time with a safe surgical kit.

122 Taper Kit
- Soft bone implants can be completed in 1 step 
- Normal bone implants can be completed in 2 steps  
- Hard bone implants can be completed in 2 steps 



Kit and Drill Characteristics:

- Designed for excellent drilling power which eliminates intermediate steps and cortical drilling 
- Drills designed to skip steps which will prevent bone heating and necrosis
- Drills designed to prevent drill bouncing are also used as both a pilot drill and taper drill -  all in one step. 



1- Surgical KIT that is optimized to the taper fixture 
2- Reducing chairside time with a convenient procedure 
3- Cortical drilling not necessary 


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