The six dentistry products you need to improve your practice.

Shut up and take my money! 6 NEW Hiossen Products
By: Hiossen Implant Canada Inc

Osstem is a deep believer that digital dentistry is the way of precise and handy treatment to offer patients quality, shorter time, and lower cost. That’s why year over year we research and invest to improve the dentistry practice though the all dentistry roadmap (Dental hospital SW, data acquisition, diagnosis design (Planning)  and manufacturing). Even though, all these solutions aren’t in Canada yet. Hiossen Implant Canada Inc is working every day to bring these technologies to your practice.

Last year at NYU Canadian Implant Symposium 2019, we announced four new products that will make you jump into the future. Since the future is not far away anymore, and it is around the corner, we’ve decided to bring  (6) six dentistry products instead.

These products will improve your practice and do your professional life easier. So, it doesn’t matter if you are at your office or your home reading it. It’s time to fulfill your dentistry cravings! Glance, search reviews, and delight with these six dentistry products that will make you bring dental care to the next level.


Intraoral Camera – SNAP

Intraoral cameras (IOCs) are cameras used by dentists or doctors to show a patient the interior of their mouth, as an alternative to using a mirror. They were first introduced in 1989 and are now widely used in dental offices. IOCs allows the patient to see a clear picture of the inside of their mouth, aiding the dentist in consulting with them on various treatment options. Images can be saved to a patient’s file for future reference.


  • Autofocus: Autofocus provides more vivid and less distorted images.
  • Two-way shooting button: Up and down shooting buttons allow more comfortable handling for your wrist.
  • Slim head design: Excellent accessibility to wisdom teeth.
  • Easy to equip: Easy to equip on all unit chairs by providing a cradle.
  • 160˚ Contra Angle: Comfortable grip with an angled handpiece
  • Anti-Shaking: One-time pressing button enables autofocus as well as shooting for anti-shaking.

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Vussen Whitening Toothpaste

Vussen Toothpaste

Premium Whitening Toothpaste. The best allied in your practice. It is safe for daily use as it is a functional toothpaste that provides whitening function along with the protection against cavities and halitosis. The effect can be shown at different speeds depending on the individual’s condition. For the best results, it is recommended to use the product for 2 weeks to 1 month. We recommend ‘Vussen H’ for users with weak gum, children and pregnant women. For orthodontic patients, we recommend our product to be used after the treatment is finished.


  • Customize: The whitening treatment is according to the condition of patients’ teeth. Choose the toothpaste according to the sensitivity and color of their teeth. 
  • Long-Lasting Whitening Effect: SHMP coating helps the whitening effect to the last longer.
  • 10 toxic-free: Free of harmful chemicals. (Triclosan, Paraben, MT, CMT, and Tar pigment, etc.).

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Intraoral Scanner – 3Shape

Intraoral scanner 

Intraoral scanners (IOS) are devices for capturing direct optical impressions in dentistry. Optical impressions reduce patient discomfort. The IOS is time-efficient and simplify clinical procedures for the dentist, eliminating plaster models and allowing better communication with the dental technician and with patients.


  • Easy and Fast Scamming: High scan video method. High resolution and realistic color representation.
  • Patient-specific motion: It allows accurate prosthetic production. Lab intermediate transfer and STL extraction.
  • Smile Desing: Before and after treatment (2D). Also, tooth shape and measuring suggestion.
  • Others: Easy battery charge, automatic Anti-Fog, customize the selection of pen and handle, AI incorporated.



CBCT – T1 

Dental Cone Beam CT is a special type of x-ray equipment used when regular dental or facial x-rays are not sufficient. After all, the accurate and shorter time of training is nowadays required.


  • Multi FOV: Available FOV: 8X8, 10X9, 12X9, 15X9. Available to specify scanning area (Maxilla, Mandible single arch, Both arch, TMJ and etc).
  • Intuitive GUI: Easy selection of sex, age, scanning area and etc. Each mode has an intuitive interface and a touch panel.
  • A high ease of use: Patient alignment laser. Highly permeable support. Mood light displaying status. Voice support.
  • Others: Low radiation exposure, SW connection, and easy equipment interlocking. 



3d Pinter – O2

3d Printer O2

3D printing is becoming popular in many fields, and dentistry is not an exception. Working with a 3D-printed model saves significant time and money. That’s why we’re introduced 3D printing technology into our workflow. 3D printing is done by building up the object layer by layer and it is designed to fit perfectly in a patient’s mouth.


  • Temporarily Prosthetics: Crown, surgical guide and module. 
  • Watertight 3D files: Stacking liquid by curing with light
  • Others:  CAM SW compatible.  



Milling machine – ONEMILL 4X

A milling machine uses rotary cutters to remove material by an advance cutter into a workpiece. Now, you can have a one-day prosthetic solution.


  • More Accurate: Accuracy in 20 min. One day prosthetic possible.
  • Open type: perfect processing of various materials such a glass ceramic and zirconia.
  • Full compatibility:  No restriction of type.  Max. 80mm.
  • Compact design: Wide 530 mm, depth 400 mm, height 450mm.
  • Convenient interface: Touch screen,  processing time with LED panel.



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