Trick or Teeth?

Last month our doctors chose: TEETH!

Thank you everyone for making this October not that spooky.

We’re actively reaching our promise of “bettering the livelihood and health of all” and become the forerunner in setting the global standard in the field of dental implantology.
Together with AIC Education, October had eleven amazing courses across Canada, which had aided in improving the clinical understanding of dental implantology and popularizing its treatment. Burnaby, Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Toronto, and Hamilton had amazing Hands-on exercises and lectures, together with innovative tools and tons of networking to perform better!

Check them out!




Advanced Management of Sinus Complications.
Mentor: Dr. Yong-Seok Cho


"Great Content. Very skilled clinician + Knowledge"
Dr. Areen Sketl 

"Everyone struggling to be competent in sinus-related grafting should take this course"
Dr. Daniel Yu-sung Y


Predictable Treatment Options for Narrow Alveolar Ridge & Management of Extraction Site.
Mentor: Dr. Jone Kim


"Very informative, back to the basic principle. Great Lectures!"
Dr. Jim Han Hyun 
"A must course!"
Dr. Daniel Y


Intimidated by Sinus Lifting? Not Anymore! Indirect Sinus Lifts for Implants. – Complimentary Session.
Mentor: Dr. Azeem Sheikh


"Thanks a LOT! Amazing course"
Dr. Dariush Radman 

" Dr. Sheikh opened up a new dimension and implant dentistry which is predictable and easy"
Dr. Saurabm JHA



The Next Generation of Guided Implant Dentistry – Complimentary Session
Mentor: Dr. Raj Virk



Suture Techniques With Soft Tissue Management and GBR
Mentor: Dr. David Chong


"Very hands-on. Love it!" | Dr. Anu Tiwana



The Next Generation of Guided Implant Dentistry. – Complimentary session
Mentor: Dr. Cameron MacLean




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