Scan Body 

Scan Body is a structure which is connected to the fixtures to expose fixture’s path, angulation, and depth to make scanning is available.

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Scan Healing Abutment

The 2-in-1 Scan Healing Abutment combines both scan body and healing abutment in one.  Allows clinicians to save valuable chariside time and reduces the risk of potentially truamatic soft tissue injury during the impression phase of implant treatment.

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DLADigital Lab Analog

Lab analog for 3D printing work models for digital implant prosthesis. It accurately reproduces the implant's direction and depth in the working model with only a scanned file.

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Preview Multi Ti Base
ET/TS Multi Ti Base 

Perfect passive fit in a totally edentulous case. Powder free-scannable metal Scan Body. Full line up for various clinical environments.

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