The essential dental equipment you need for your practice.

Your dental surgery practice needs to have essential dental equipment like chairs and motors, which is why Hiossen Implant doubles as both a dental equipment manufacturer and a dental tool company. We offer a full dental equipment catalog, featuring:

Dental Chairs

Dentists rely on quality dental chairs to do their duty to the best of their ability. The proper angle, space, and lighting can help maximize the precision and efficiency of any dental surgeon, which is why Hiossen Implants offers the best of the best with the K3 Unit. The K3 Unit Chair is optimized for dental surgeons, their teams, and their patients, with an ergonomic design made to maximize comfort and accessibility.



Implant motors are the basis of dental implant surgery, powering the drills that cut into bone. Hiossen Implants offers an excellent solution in this arena with the SM5, a modern motor system that allows precise visualization and control of surgical procedures as they happen. With a digital color screen and intelligent control system, the SM5 motor optimizes dental surgery.

Each piece of dental equipment we offer is available in the U.S. and backed by Hiossen Implants’ promise for quality. As a long-time dental tool manufacturer and supplier, we’re dedicated to the dental health field, committing countless resources to our products, including our dental chairs and motors. With our K3 unit or SM5 Motor, your practice can get the extra level of comfort and visibility needed to make dental surgery more efficient for everyone involved.


Hiossen Implants is a quality dental tools supplier, producing tools and instruments ranging from drill kits and surgical tools to dental chairs and motors. Each of our products is built for quality, and we continue to push the boundaries of dental surgery to bring greater comfort and efficiency to the field.


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