The abutment and abutment screw are two of the most common areas of failure in implants. The ESR or Easy Screw Removal KIT is an easy-to-use drill kit designed to aid dental surgeons in the implant removal process, improving speed and removal success. In fact, this drill kit provides a removal success rate of over 90%.


The ESR or Easy Screw Removal KIT is a user-friendly tool designed to aid in the removal of dental implant components, like the MS Implant system, without damaging surrounding bone.

Kit characteristics:

  • Guide: The drill guide tool helps avoid shaking during the drilling process, keeping the center of the drill fixed especially when using the SR drill.
  • SR Drill: The SR, or Screw Removal Drill drills a hole in the screw fragment to help remove it from the fixture.
  • SR Tip: The SR, or Screw Removal Tip helps remove the fractured screw by connecting to the hole drilled in the screw fragment.
  • Screw Holder: The Screw Holder removes a partially protruded screw by connecting with a holder.
    ESR Handle: The handle is used to hold the guide in place, ensuring minimal movement during the drilling process.
  • Abutment Removal Tip: This tool is used in abutment removal, connecting to the abutment and shaking from left to right to remove it. A mini version is available to handle hex slipcases.
  • Re-Tap: This tool is used to recover the threads back to the original formation in case the internal thread of a fixture is damaged.

1- Quick and easy removal in 2 steps

2- Excellent cutting efficiency and durability of SR drill

3- Capability to deal with a range of failed cases in prosthetic treatment



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