Surgical Kit Materials.

Surgical kits require more than drills and guides – they also need materials to handle pre- and post-procedure tasks. This is why Hiossen® Implants provides the highest quality suturing and impression products and materials for our surgical kits.

Impression Products

Hiossen Implants works with two impression products – HySil and Suflex. Both feature excellent handling and precision and set quickly to the benefit of patients.

HySil is a hydrophilic impression material with excellent handling qualities and good set time, resulting in precise impressions for use in implant creation.

  • Easy to handle while maintaining high precision
  • Excellent working time, with a set time of 4:30 minutes
  • German-made materials for high quality and cost-effectiveness

Suflex is a precise impression material, consisting of Vinyl Polysiloxane, which is based on A-Silicon. Manufactured with German technology, this high-quality impression material is economical while maintaining a high level of accuracy and precision, making it an excellent choice for developing prostheses.

  • Excellent thixotropic and hydrophilic properties
  • Superior margin reproduction for impressive accuracy
  • Ideal tensile strength
  • Setting time within 2:30 minutes


Suture Products

Hiossen Implants provides Cytoplast™ PTFE sutures for dental bone grafting and implant procedures. Cytoplast PTFE sutures are soft monofilament sutures, ideal for dental surgery applications. These sutures are designed to eliminate bacterial wicking into the surgical site while maximizing patient comfort. Even better, they handle well, resulting in clean sutures.

  • Non-wicking, biologically inert monofilament construction
  • Soft and comfortable texture for patients
  • Excellent handling with little to no package memory
  • Maximum knot security


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