Placing dental implants in the posterior maxilla can be a particularly challenging surgical procedure due to the reduced bone height attributed to the presence of the sinus. Hiossen® Implant ’s Lateral Approach Sinus Kit, or LAS Kit, is designed for a safe sinus lift to aid in the augmentation of the sinus bone.


The LAS Kit is designed for a safe sinus lift from this angle, with dome drills for dentists and tools meant to aid in the augmentation of the sinus bone.

Kit characteristics:

  • Dome and Core Drills: These drills create the lateral window for lifting the sinus membrane. With a combination of three macro blades and several micro blades, these drills are designed to push bone material toward the sinus membrane, aiding in the lifting of the sinus membrane.
  • Stopper System: The CAS-stopper system allows for more precise control over drill depth, with stoppers of 6 different lengths to prevent over drilling. These stoppers help prevent soft tissue damage.
  • Wide Dome Drill and Side Wall Drill: These drills are designed to enlarge the window made with the dome and core drills.

1- This easy to use kit is designed to minimize the number of steps involved in a sinus lift technique, reducing overall chair time and reducing complications and patient discomfort.

2- The drill design is highly versatile, allowing it to be used on sinus floors that are flat, inclined or over a septum.

3- CAS-drills can be drilled from 400 to 800 RPM, allowing it to adapt to several different bone densities.



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